Report: In 2022, Covid jab injured 26 million; $147 billion in economic damage

Special to, March 29, 2023

by WorldTribune Staff, March 29, 2023

A team of researchers reported that, in 2022 alone, more than 26 million people were injured and 1.36 million were disabled by the Covid injections. Additionally, 300,000 excess deaths can be attributed to the shots, which also cost the U.S. economy nearly $150 billion.

Research firm Phinance Technologies reported that it divided the impact of the so-called “vaccines” into four broad categories to estimate the human costs associated with the shots: no effect or asymptomatic; those who sustained injuries (mild-to-moderate outcome); those who became disabled (severe outcome); and death (extreme outcome).

Phinance Technologies, founded and operated by former Blackrock portfolio manager Ed Dowd, Yuri Nunes (PhD Physics, MSc Mathematics) and Carlos Alegria (PhD Physics, Finance), said data on disabilities and injuries due to the shots comes directly from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), while the excess death figures are derived from official figures on deaths in the U.S. via two different methods (methodology here).

“We need to remember that not only are these groupings an attempt to characterize different levels of damage from the inoculations, they are not static and could interact with each other,” reads the report. “For instance, there might be individuals who had no visible effects after vaccination but nonetheless could still be impacted.”

“Individuals with mild injuries from the inoculations could, over time, develop severe injuries to the extent of being disabled, or an extreme outcome such as death,” the researchers added.

Phinance reported that it used absolute excess lost worktime to determine that the direct economic cost of vaccine injuries was $79.5 billion in 2022, and $52.2 billion for those with severe disabilities.

For deaths, Phinace used the average yearly absolute rise in excess deaths since 2021, which was 0.05% for the 25-64 year-old demographic, which amounted to $5.6 billion in lost productivity.

In total, they found a total “economic cost” of $147.8 billion in 2022 due to the Covid-19 shots.

Dowd pointed out that the study’s figures are just what can be currently measured. Things like “the knock effects such as lost productivity due to a worker being present but working at say 50%-75% of capacity is missed plus burn out from those picking up slack.”

“The multiplier effects are massive,” Dowd added.

Dowd noted in a March 28 tweet that Pfizer and Moderna in 2022 “had combined C-19 vaccine revenues in U.S. of $11.5 billion so… For every $1 dollar they made it cost the U.S. economy $13 dollars. Quite the negative societal ROI. Largest crime scene in history. Multiply this across the globe. Numbers conservative.”

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