Son of Satanic priest and priestess: Devil worse than you think, ‘tells us God doesn’t care’

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Nicky Cruz knows a thing or two about the devil and he’s here to set the record straight.

apatheticThe son of a satanic priest and priestess, Cruz grew up in Puerto Rico witnessing frightening supernatural events at his home and later experienced spiritual attacks after he left the New York City gang life to be a Christian. What he wants to let people know in his latest book, The Devil Has No Mother (Worthy Publishing, July 2013), is that the devil exists and he’s worse than people think he is.

“My father was a satanic priest. I was born into a curse. I tasted hell,” said Cruz, best known as the former leader of the notorious NYC gang The Mau-Maus, and who was evangelized by the late American Christian evangelist David Wilkerson, to The Christian Post. Wilkerson wrote the bestseller The Cross and the Switchblade, founded the addiction recovery program Teen Challenge, and was the founding pastor of Time Square Church in New York. …

The former merciless warlord said he felt compelled to write the book because American Christians and the U.S. Church are increasingly “ignorant” and “apathetic” toward the threat posed by the devil and are just drifting along with the culture.

During his candid, over hour-long interview with CP, Cruz shared about freaky supernatural events that plagued his family while writing the book – as if the devil himself was trying to block Cruz from exposing him. Cruz suddenly had cancer, then he unexpectedly needed heart surgery, and one day his wife floated in the air and then fell and had a concussion, and if that wasn’t enough, he was onboard several flights that were dangerously close to crashing. But the worst spiritual attacked was when his older brother Frank, who was living in Puerto Rico, was murdered by a drug addict that he was helping through Rock Christian Center, a rehab center he opened in Las Piedras, Puerto Rico. …

Cruz realized more than ever that “Satan has no heart; he wants each of us to die alone. He tells us that God doesn’t care, that God is distant, that He is nowhere to be found when we need him most. It is the coldest, darkest lie in the universe, yet people buy into it every day, just as I once had done.”


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