The freedom to be free

Special to, January 16, 2024


Today’s headlineTeam Biden, UN welcome architect of ‘Operation Foxhunt’ that targets overseas Chinese

Imagine for a moment that you are of Chinese ethnicity and living in America or one of the 194 nations of the world that is not China.

Liu Jianchao with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken / VCG

There are surely advantages and disadvantages to not living in one’s homeland. Among the advantages is the absence of the omnipresent 200 million monitoring CCTV cameras of the Chinese Communist Party’s “Skynet” system that like in George Orwell’s “1984” track its human assets’ every move.

But wait, many of the post-Christian western “democracies” find much to admire about the CCP centralized methods of control. Through the pervasive intelligence and surveillance technologies and policies, Beijing’s Xi Jinping seeks to bring the worldwide population into compliance with the new superpower’s Marxism-Leninism “with Chinese characteristics.”

Now consider that even in the “land of the free and the home of the brave,” the CCP has established remote and secret “police stations” to enforce the Party’s will even on Chinese who may be enjoying freedom of religion, freedom of the press, free speech and freedom of assembly in the United States of America.

Such tyranny was once an anathema to the Free World. Now we are being told that improving ties with a surly global bully is in everyone’s best interests.

This curse on humanity and our God-given instinct to pursue happiness for our families must be eliminated everywhere including China and North Korea and Cuba and Venezuela.

Its lies, false promises and deceptions was made possible by the advocates and enablers of “progressive” and “woke” communist ideology which denies God, the free will of all individuals and the eternal world of the spirit beyond our finite material existence in this bubble of space and time.

Having genocided tens of millions and ruined the happiness of billions, this Godless mind control in all its manifestations should no longer be tolerated in the United States of America whose policies should also reinforce its elimination from all corners of the world whether currently free or not.

This column assumes as hypotheticals the substantial existence of God on Earth and the temporary reign of Satan as the “god of this world”. References: Holy Bible, Divine Principle, What I Saw at the Second Coming.

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