The good, the bad and the … well that pretty much sums it up

Great literature and theater rivets its audience with the universal dynamic no longer recognized as such in polite society: the murderous war between Good and Evil.

goodbadConsider Lyme Disease. Modern medicine, after all, will not. Nor will health insurance programs recognize its devilish spirochetes.

Stephen Buhner, author of the groundbreaking 2005 book “Healing Lyme: Natural Healing and Prevention of Lyme Borreliosis and Its Coinfections” gave an all-day seminar in Sturbridge, Mass. last month in which he spoke about how he deals with the networks of hostile viruses conspiring to feast on human nerve cells.

It’s naive, he said, to assume they are drone-like dullards susceptible to an artillery barrage of antibiotics. This network, he said as his voice dropped to a whisper, is highly intelligent and adaptable. His approach, he said, consists of sitting quietly and listening to these organisms and their organizers in a ploy to understand what they want and how to give it to them without sacrificing the patient.


The arsenal of strategies deployed by the “Buhner protocol” for treating Lyme sometimes called to mind the shuttle diplomacy in quest of a dubious Middle East peace. But it also evoked the fear of the unknown and the sinister dread of pure Evil. In other words it’s like much of the rest of life: a showdown.

The ultimate antagonists in this struggle, God and Satan, have been banished from the world’s stage by the sophisticates and yet all humanoids are all caught up in their brutal, grinding and never ending struggle at all levels of  existence, from ideologies to microbes.

Try transcending this hell by climbing alone to a mountain peak or strolling on the beach at dawn. It’s a temporary respite. Would that the black hats and the white hats each declare victory and go home, leaving us at peace. But they will not.

There’s an endless supply of bullets for their six-shooters and though shot through the heart, they each and every one stumble back onto their feet. With furrowed brows and murderous glints in their eyes they rejoin the fight to the death and beyond.


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