Trusting God as one would a lover

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How should one trust God? A short story by Osho reveals the truth, like all other Osho stories normally do.

A man who was newly married was on his way back home with his bride in a boat, traversing a river.

Suddenly a storm arose and the wife trembled with fear as the man sat calm and composed unmindful of the calamity that ragged around him.

The wife asked, “Are you not scared? You seem to be least bothered about the storm. Are you aware that the boat may capsize and we may be drowned?”

The man, who was a warrior, at once removed his sword from the sheath and pointed it close to his wife’s neck and asked, “Are you not scared?”

The wife said, “Why should I? The sword is in your hand, but I am not frightened as I am aware that you love me”

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