Uri Geller asked to use ‘remote viewing’ to locate missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

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Uri Geller revealed that he has been approached by a “substantial figure” to help in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft.

Uri Geller made use of his "remote viewing" technique to see fate of the missing aircraft. / Reuters

Uri Geller made use of his “remote viewing” technique to see fate of the missing aircraft. / Reuters

Flight MH370 disappeared without trace on March 8 with 239 people on board.

The spoon bending psychic has been asked to use his powers to explain what happened to the aircraft. Geller, who has been using a technique called “remote viewing” to establish the fate of the plane, revealed that he believes the pilots were overcome by a fire.

Speaking from his home in Berkshire, Geller said: “Remote viewing has been used by the CIA for decades. It works by people sending their mind through space and time. I have been asked by quite a substantial figure in Malaysia what my feelings are about this situation.”

“It is my opinion that something happened to the pilot,” he explained. “The pilot was either pushed into a situation to divert the plane by another force or he did it of his own accord.


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