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Billy Graham’s ‘good name’ opens doors for his grandson

I think a lot of the things that I get to see benefits from today in my lifetime is really a direct result of my grandfather. And it’s really related to the name that God has given my grandfather, and that’s a good name. Billy Graham, my grandfather, has represented Christ well. He’s not a perfect man, but he has been above reproach. He’s a man of integrity, and God has used him in a mighty way all around the world.

wgrahamAnd therefore God has given him a good name, and that good name is transferred to me just because I physically have it. It doesn’t mean I’m a good person, it just means that because of my last name it opens up doors for me. And when people hear the name Billy Graham, like the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, they know what it represents: It represents Jesus Christ, and how to make him known to other people…

My grandfather worked with all different types of denominations, some that people wouldn’t agree with. What people realize is we would all come together for one purpose, and that’s to share how people can put their faith into Jesus Christ, how their sins can be forgiven through Christ, and every denomination believes that. And that was the central, core thing of my grandfather’s teaching. And he realized there was different denominations, different theological bents, but when it came to Jesus, everybody needs Jesus, and that without Jesus, there’s no hope for this world. There’s no forgiveness of sins.


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