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Doomsday missile silo bunker condos sold out at $2 million each

It’s comforting to know that when the apocalypse does happen, we can repopulate the Earth from the survivors tucked safely away in their luxury condos deep inside a retired missile silo in Kansas. Interest in the “Survival Condo” has been so high that all units in this unique complex 174 feet deep in the Earth have sold out at cost of a cool $2 million apiece. …

Image by SurvivalCondo.com

Housing 70 people during doomsday does require a certain set of features that necessitate the $2 million price tag. So what do owners get for their investment? It’s a mix of items necessary to keep you alive, and others to keep you occupied and happily diverted until the situation on top resolves itself.

Aside from the cool address, let’s start with the posh elements. You’ll be getting a 1,820 square foot unit for your underground lair. Units would feature Jacuzzis, deluxe appointments and appliances, and so you don’t go crazy longing for the outdoors — large HDTV panels simulating windows (remind anyone of Total Recall?). … As for the practical side of things the Survival Condo will supply the air, site-grown food and a combination of well and rain water for survival. Electricity will be produced from a diesel generator and wind turbines.

High security is also offered as part of the survival package. The silo would be equipped with a blast door that opens only with a code; the property will be surrounded with security cameras and electrics fences. Inside, residents will have their own weapons supply.


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