Female students sent home in Malaysia after reports ‘bad spirits’ got physical

Schools in Malaysia have been struck by a mass hysteria ‘epidemic’ in which students claim they are having visions of female vampiric ghosts and are being physically pinned down by evil spirits.

Local news sites pubished this photo, taken by a student, of the "black apparition" that figured in some reports.
Local news sites pubished this photo, taken by a student, of an “apparition” that figured in some reports. Shamans and Islamic experts came to chase them away.

Called ‘body possession phenomenon’, one bizarre incident saw 20 female students sent home from a single school after complaining of being overwhelmed by it. Yesterday reporters attempting to speak with students at one school were not allowed entry but heard screams coming from inside classrooms.

Education chiefs in the Kota Baru region are now using shamans and religious leaders to try and clear the schools of the supposed ‘bad spirits’, the Straits Times reported. …

Those affected by the bizarre hysteria claim to be overwhelmed by bad spirits and see spirits such as the pontianak, a type of female vampiric ghost popular in Malaysian folklore. … Wiru Sankala, a traditional medicine expert, told the website the hot weather and earlier reports of the hysteria were perpetuating the problem.


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