Graham on State of the Union: ‘It’s broken morally, it’s broken spiritually, it’s broken politically’

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In anticipation of President Barack Obama’s last State of the Union Address on Tuesday night, Rev. Franklin Graham said he could already reveal the condition of our nation – it is broken, morally, spiritually, politically, and racially.

God-lessThe reverend added that he hoped President Obama would “turn to God for wisdom and direction” in leading America for his last 12 months in office.

“Tonight the president is set to give his final State of the Union address,” said Rev. Graham in a Jan. 12 post on Facebook. “I can tell you the state of our union.”

“Our nation is broken — it’s broken morally; it’s broken spiritually; it’s broken politically; it’s broken racially,” he said. “The state of our union cannot be fixed unless we repent of our sins individually and ask our nation to do the same,” Rev. Graham continued.


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