How can we learn to understand our own minds!

With so many new demands in modern life, we just keep increasing our hectic pace: Emails and texts, tweets, Facebook, friends and the list goes on, many of us feel stressed out and over-worked.

More often than we’d like to admit there is just not enough time in the day to get everything we want or need to get done.

Our stress level, exhaustion and lack of an end to the urgent action items can make us unhappy, impatient and often just frustrated.

Which in turn can affect our health.

Often we’re so busy we feel there is no time to stop and reflect.

Stopping the mind for a moment is like rebooting a malfunctioning computer. Maybe it’s time to meditate!

Meditation actually gives us more time by making our mind more focused and efficient which makes us calmer.  A quick ten or fifteen minute breathing meditation  can help us overcome stress and find some much-needed inner peace and balance.

Meditation also can help us understand our own mind and with that perspective, learn to transform negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

Clearing the negative mind and cultivating powerful thoughts is a spiritual practice in the Buddhist tradition that is practiced as well by other disciplines and religions.


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