Musical genius became one after diving into shallow pool

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A man who suffered concussion after diving into a shallow pool has made a seemingly improbable discovery: it made him a musical genius.

Amato said black and white squares flash through his head and tell him where his fingers need to move across the piano. / Daily Mail

Derek Amato, from Denver, Colorado, is just one of 30 people in the entire world suffering from Acquired Savant Syndrome, where people display profound abilities after suffering head trauma.

After years of failed jobs and homelessness, the 40-year-old is now enjoying a career in music and can play eight instruments – despite never having a lesson in his life. …

He added on his blog: ‘Upon being diagnosed with acquired musical savant syndrome and Synesteshia, this condition and miraculous discovery would now make me one in seven billion, and the only medically documented case of this particular nature on the planet!’


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