The end of Christian America? Faith leaders to meet with Trump

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May 26, 2016

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will be meeting with more than 500 conservative Christian faith leaders next month in New York City.

ChristianNationDetails are emerging about the closed-door June 21 event, which will reportedly feature Dr. Ben Carson as moderator. … “This moment is perhaps the most critical in the history of our nation, and people of faith can make a crucial difference for our children and grandchildren by exercising their civic duty to cast an informed vote based on a biblical worldview,” Carson said. …

“Christian leaders are deeply concerned about the state of our nation after years of government policies and political correctness that have begun to radically and adversely affect the ability of Christians to live out their faith within America’s political and cultural landscape,” United in Purpose CEO Bill Dallas said. “Our hope is that as we gather together there can be unity of spirit within the church in America, even as each individual makes his or her own decisions as to who will be the future leaders in our government.”

“Our priorities for this meeting are to strengthen relationships and build unity, with an objective to simply have a conversation about the prospects of our nation and the continuing influence of Christian believers and their biblical worldview,” My Faith Votes Chairman Sealy Yates said. “We wish to talk with specificity to Donald Trump about issues of faith and the role of faith in the civic arena. And, we wish to assure him of our prayers for his family and him. This will be a friendly meeting of people of faith who are genuinely, prayerfully concerned about the future of America.”


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