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Jan. 2: ‘Pregnant’ San Andreas could be ready to deliver / End-time prophecies concerning Saddam fizzle / Philippines minister cites global warming for disastersJan. 6: Is there a monster quake in our future? / S. Asian deaths from cold snap hit 416 / Earth losing its magnetism

Jan. 7: Chemtrails: Global dimming vs. global warming? / Blue-sky thinking about climate/ Deaths from S. Asian cold snap rise as relief efforts underway

Jan. 9: Theory: Mass extinction by our own sun / Volcano erupts on Indian Ocean island/ Study: Warming to doom many species

Jan. 12: Doom warnings sound more loudly / Sharp heat waves likely for European summers: scientists/ Quake injures 300 in Algerian region devastated last May

Jan. 13: Mad cow danger may be bigger than thought / Cold weather record smashed in New England/ Fusion paranoia: Conspiracy theory’s new twist

Jan. 14: Bird flu ‘may be worse than Sars’ / Kazakhs may face another Aral Sea disaster/ UN aims to study link between environment, wars

Jan. 16: Northeast in deep freeze – and getting colder / Record retreat in Swiss glaciers: scientists/ Gaia’s revenge: Ebola comes from ‘bush meat’

Jan. 20: ‘Cosmic pathogen’ may have doomed dinosaurs / Parched Australia facing even hotter future/ UK government in drive to cut CO2 emissions

Jan. 21: Canada mad cow case linked to mutilations / Vacationer confirms ‘big blow’ fear at Yellowstone/ Indonesian president calls for halt to deforestation

Jan. 23: Fears grow over bird flu outbreak / Snow, wind and cold bring massive disruption to Turkey/ Suez Canal closed as bad weather hits Egypt

Jan. 26: Nuclear war danger highest ever? / Unusual cold kills 16 in eastern U.S/ Thailand warns on bird flu deaths

Jan. 27: N. Atlantic countries to freeze as world warms / Bird flu epidemic ‘worst in history’/ Deadliest year for earthquakes since 1990

Jan. 28: Snow, ice wreak havoc along East Coast / Rare tornado hits Hawaii/ ‘Vested interests’ deny Asia’s poor safe water: experts

Feb. 2: Outbreak of avian flu kills 12 in Asia / Thousands evacuated as Indonesian volcano spews smoke/ Drought seen persisting in plains

Feb. 3: Pentagon sees dire impact of climate change / Earth ‘shook off’ ancient warming/ Two Koreas in talks over nuclear crisis

Feb. 4: Experts worry terrorists have nuke plans / Indonesia finds human-threatening bird flu virus/ Malaysians call for measures to halt extinctions

Feb. 6: Scientists believe 1918 killer flu came from birds / Mystery as dead birds rain down/ Unusual cold dooms Monarch butterflies

Feb. 9: Global warming called greater threat than terrorism / Undersea eruptions kill billions of fish/ Report: Al-Qaida has obtained tactical nuclear explosives

Feb. 10: The impending oil crash / Plea at Malaysia conference to save oceans/ China’s top environmentalist urges growth rethink

Feb. 11: Amazon forest a brake on global warming: study / Cloud forests, water source to millions, face risk/ Lesotho declares food emergency, appeals for international aid

Feb. 13: World risks nuclear destruction, warns ElBaradei / Quake and warning of ‘big one’ adds to Israeli fears/ Two ships sink as storm forces Bosphorus closure

Feb. 16: Holocaust for whites in South Africa? / At least 24 killed in Pakistan earthquakes/ Pacific nation of Tuvalu prepares to disappear beneath sea

Feb. 17: Bird flu toll hits 20 ahead of talks / New form of mad cow disease found / Five dead as earthquake hits Indonesian island

Feb. 18: Seismologist predicts ‘big one’ this year / ‘Stop disaster before it strikes’/ From space, a new view of doomsday

Feb. 20: Monster blizzard paralyzes eastern Canada / Insatiable China called ‘black hole’ for resources/ Russia’s new nukes can beat defenses: Colonel

Feb. 23: Critics question influence of apocalyptic theology / Australia reef’s days ‘numbered’/ U.S. Air Force plans for future war in space

Feb. 24: Killer flu: Could the world cope? / Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us/ Morocco quake toll reaches 300

Feb. 25: Scientist says ‘Asian brown cloud’ threatens Gulf / U.S. policymakers ‘aware of climate threat’/ Moroccan king to visit quake zone as toll tops 560

Feb. 27: Earth at risk: New calls for planetary defense / Natural disaster deaths rise sevenfold/ Sun spots start again — bigger than ever

March 1: Environment looms as major security threat / Alarm as Indonesia dengue deaths leap to 322/ Snow wreaks havoc on Europe’s roads

March 2: AIDS, drought, war threaten famine in half of Africa / Asteroid theory of dinosaur extinction questioned/ ‘Biblical’ locust plague threatens Mideast

March 3: Bacteria run wild, defying antibiotics / Suicide bombers coming to U.S.?/ 50 years later, nuclear blast felt on Bikini atoll

March 5: Nations of earth facing hard choices / Arctic researchers threatened by ice breakup/ Europe’s summer the hottest in 500 years

March 8: Maryland orders chicken slaughter due to bird flu / Severe weather kills at least 15 in Turkey/ 50,000 homeless as cyclone slams Madagascar

March 9: California bakes in record heat / Dead crows in Japan test positive for bird flu/ Cyclone destroys Madagascar town

March 10: Paralyzing disease devastates elk, baffles scientists / Tenet: ‘Spectacular attack’ main goal of terrorists/ Senate panel backs climate research plan

March 12: U.S. ‘on verge of new terror outrage’ / Scientists alarmed over changes in Amazon forest/ 36 dead in Madagascar storm, scores feared drowned

March 15: Website depicts Capitol in flames / Vietnam dengue cases double to 3,300, five killed/ Looming natural disaster ignites political feud in New Zealand

March 16: Report reveals global problem of drug-resistant TB / Australian locust plague adds to drought-hit farmers’ woes/ Madrid bombing toll rises to 201; new arrests made

March 17: Green groups urge EU to save Arctic / ‘Attack on London is inevitable’/ South Korea fears terror attack

March 19: Earth narrowly misses 100-foot asteroid / Vanishing butterflies may herald mass extinction/ Addressing the unthinkable, U.S. revives study of fallout

March 22: Carbon dioxide reported at record levels / Al-Qaida’s No. 2 says they have briefcase nukes/ Experts fear terrorists are seeking fuel-air bombs

March 24: Asteroid scare prompts NASA to formalize response / UN says Pacific faces new wave of HIV/ U.S. pushes use of ozone damaging fumigant

March 26: ‘End of the world’ isn’t the end of the world / Tips for surviving the coming ice age/ More Canadian farms kill chickens to stem bird flu

March 29: Rapid growth of ocean ‘dead zones’ threatens planet / Alarming rise in greenhouse gases measured/ Hurricane batters Brazil, first ever in S. Atlantic

March 30: Al Qaeda plot to blast London foiled / Warnings from Islam’s ‘messianic whirlpool’/ Substance used in diet pill may have killed elk

March 31: Asia’s dust storm misery mounts / 1930s dust bowl presaged global warming/ Global dimming a worrisome phenomenon

April 2: Major SoCal quake predicted within 5 months / Extinctions linked to double whammy/ Cattle blamed for shrinking Amazon rainforest

April 5: U.N. body seeks to avert environmental wars / Vampire bats kill 13 people in Brazil/ Salt levels rise in Australia, poisoning fields

April 6: If Nostradamus is right, 2004 is Year of the Comet / Amazon drought can be measured from space – study/ Torrential rains leave 32 dead, 40 missing in Mexico

April 7: Is another nuclear power plant disaster inevitable? / Bird beak deformities concern scientists/ Bird flu prompts mass cull in Canada

April 9: Asteroid protection plan proposed / Amazon deforestation increased in 2003/ Global warming may melt Greenland’s ice, scientists warn

April 12: Arctic melt may dry out west coast / Search to find dangerous asteroids nearly complete/ Could insects be used as bioweapons?

April 13: Pakistani tells of North Korean nuclear devices / Scrubber could reduce greenhouse gases/ Online calculator estimates asteroid impact

April 14: How likely is human extinction? / TV miniseries gets quake all wrong, say seismologists/ Norway prepares for inevitable oil crunch

April 20: Time to prepare for end of cheap oil / World’s marine life is getting sicker/ Full account of a meteor hit on Chicago

April 21: US oceans report says coastal areas in peril / EPA head says U.S. emissions strategy is working/ Schwarzenegger seeks to boost hydrogen-fueled cars

April 23: Mind control is getting smarter / End-time prophecies fuel fires of debate/ Australia overrun by multiple species of pests

April 26: NASA puts gag order on eco-disaster movie / N. Korea site ‘apocalyptic’/ Oceans rising faster near coasts

April 27: Patagonian glacier in rapid retreat / Pacific island volcano starts erupting again/ Record heat wave bakes California

April 28: Jet trails may cause climate change: NASA / N. Korea nuclear estimate to rise/ Anti missile defense shield on alert by September

April 30: Next earthquake can flatten Salt Lake City / Scientists, government decry NBC miniseries ‘10.5’/ Wars caused by oil

May 3: Scientist urges extreme measures for global warming / Simmering NZ crater lake scarier than Mt. Doom/ Australia told to expect refugees from global warming

May 4: UK scientist: Antarctica may become the only place to live / ‘Superquake’ scenario haunts scientists/ NASA asks public to count contrails

May 5: Global warming debate aside, West is heating up / Nuclear terror scenario exposes vulnerable world/ N. Korea facing new flood disaster due to farming practices

May 7: Scientists warm to climate flick, despite bad science / Scorched earth reaches record temperatures/ New group battling to beat climate change

May 10: Threat of ‘dirty bomb’ growing, officials say / Freak snow in France closes roads, cuts power/ Tuvalu premier seeks NZ refuge as nation sinks

May 11: China’s car growth poses energy, environment hazards / Heat waves can make trees pollute/ Indian Ocean could lose coral islands

May 12: Warming up: Debate over climate disaster flick / Volcano near Congo-Rwanda border erupting/ Christian author believes war in Iraq is part of ‘last days’

May 14: Did meteor lead to greatest extinction? / Canada faces worst drought in years/ 300 million Chinese at risk as glaciers start melting

May 17: Study links sooty pollution, genetic mutations / Predicting next Indonesian ‘big one’ a scary science/ Solar wind to shield Earth during pole flip

May 18: Arctic ice melting rapidly: polar explorer / Above-normal hurricane season forecast/ Third World farmers need biotechnology to feed billions: FAO

May 21: Entire solar system undergoing change / Climate change will have catastrophic effect on key rivers: study/ Scientists say Chicago sinking every year

May 24: Seas, ice, animals show warming impact / Putin U-turn could rescue Kyoto/ ‘Green guru’ urges use of nuclear power

May 25: Rapid Arctic thaw rings alarm bells / Floods kill 160 in Caribbean/ Albania faces catastrophe from pollution

May 26: Terrorists planning summer attack / Scientist pans ‘Day After Tomorrow’/ Caribbean storms claim more than 502 lives

May 28: Rescuers struggle as Caribbean flood toll mounts / Earthshine heats global warming debate/ Biomass could reduce CO2, report says

May 31: Climate flick favors fantasy over fact / China military spending soars/ Economists rank AIDS, hunger as worse than global warming

June 2: Sky-high prices spark renewable energy / Global winter followed dino-killing impact/ Mexico City faces water crisis

June 4: Meteorite turned earth inside out / Pollution in N. America falls 10 percent/ Global belch may have warmed ancient earth

June 7: Group warns of catastrophic oil crunch / Oil forever? Theory says oil is renewable/ More than 1,000 flee from Indonesian volcano

June 8: UN warns on state of world’s oceans / Terror threat swells at sea/ Two killed as second Indonesian volcano erupts

June 9: Mass starvation starts in Sudan / Locust swarms may spiral into plague/ China sounds alarm over water shortages

June 11: Major volcano erupts in Indonesia / Ice cores predict continued warmth for 15,000 years/ Study reveals global warming impact on islanders

June 16: U.N. says desertification spreading fast / World faces flood crisis/ Global warming threatens Namibia’s Skeleton Coast

June 18: Western drought worst in 500 years / Shell Oil chief fears for planet/ Warm-weather insect invades U.K.

June 21: Superbugs resist ‘last resort’ antibiotics / Egg-size hail stones injure 32 in northern China/ Scientists puzzled by dead dolphins in Mauritania

June 22: World ignoring genocide in Sudan / Global warming skeptic says Kyoto money a waste/ Bush to screen population for mental illness

June 24: France, Britain in joint warning on climate change / N. Korea threatens to test nuke/ U.S. experts say global warming faster than thought

June 25: Europe tackles freak weather risk / Starfish deaths puzzle Russian experts/ Toxic pollution rose in 2002, reversing trend

June 28: West Nile virus spreads throughout U.S. / Drought-hit Australia plans to save ailing rivers/ N. African nations meet over environmental threats

June 30: Aral Sea catastrophe affects DNA / Warmer temperatures slow rice production/ Powerful quake jolts southeast Alaska

July 2: Half a million may die in Sudan genocide / Deep sea fish stocks ‘in crisis’/ Alaska natives say warming imperils villages

July 6: Aviation growth ‘risk to planet’ / Greenhouse gases ‘threaten Australian way of life’/ Global warming threatens basic food crops

July 7: Sunspots reaching 1,000-year high / World AIDS crisis deepens and spreads/ U.N. issues locust plague warning

July 12: Bird flu threatens to become pandemic / Heatwave leaves at least 33 dead in Balkans/ Crisis in Sudan: How you can help

July 13: Climate warning from the deep / Collapse of Earth’s magnetic field accelerates/ Europe plagued by snow and heat, Romanian death toll climbs

July 14: CIA chief says threat highest since 9/11 / Killer superbugs soar In hospitals/ Surging floodwaters strand millions in South Asia

July 19: Wacky summer weather all over the world / Seas absorb half of carbon dioxide pollution/ Amazon fires raise CO2 threat

July 20: Scientists blame hotter sun for global warming / California pelican deaths puzzle wildlife officials/ Second quake in week rattles Canada’s west coast

July 22: What is happening to the birds? / Locusts devastate starving Africa/ Freak monster waves spotted from space

July 26: Mali seeks aid to fight locust swarms / Global warming melts Peruvian glaciers/ Death toll from Indian floods rises to 535

July 27: Fact or fiction? Iran’s quest for the atomic bomb / Malaria experts abuzz on global warming fears/ Space images show relentless floods in Bangladesh

July 30: Greenland ice-melt ‘speeding up’ / Amazon fires alter climate, rainforest/ Portugal seeks planes from abroad to battle fires

Aug. 2: U.S. warns of terror threats against financial icons / Estimates of Amazon’s greenhouse gas ‘too low’/ Britain plans for heat waves

Aug. 4: New N. Korean missiles said to threaten U.S. / Massive flooding surges across Asia, UN agency reports/ Terror attack to be in early September

Aug. 6: Massive fish kill in Atlantic / Locusts invade Mauritania capital/ Monsoon death toll nears 1,800 in S. Asia

Aug. 9: China-Taiwan war expected within two years / El Nino ‘could strike this year’/ Peru tribes fear extinction from pipeline construction

Aug. 11: China rapidly modernizes for war with U.S. / Study: Worry about waves, not asteroids/ Nature ‘mankind’s gravest threat’

Aug. 13: Category 4 Charley slams into Florida / Volcanic eruption in Indonesia’s East Java/ India on alert over Tibetan lake that could burst

Aug. 16: Scientists tracking Pacific ‘dead zone’ / Pollutants cause huge rise in brain diseases/ Hundreds feared dead after 145mph winds wreak havoc

Aug. 17: Global warming threatens California / Probe into rising ocean acidity/ Landscape art, or ‘end of the world’ sign?

Aug. 20: Global warming to devastate Europe first / Climate change’s surprising fallout/ Storms cause flooding, damage in western Europe

Aug. 23: Pollution ‘hides’ global warming / Huge waves eroding British coast/ Climate change affecting Italy’s Chianti wine

Aug. 27: Bush report admits danger of greenhouse gases / Earth warned on ‘tipping points’/ The planet goes haywire

Aug. 31: Study: Tokyo due for major quake within 50 years / War makes headlines, but peace breaking out/ Acid oceans spell doom for coral

Sept. 6: Frances kills 4, knocks out power to 5 million / More fierce hurricanes may loom on horizon/ Second strong quake hits Japan, tsunami warning


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